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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Color block

Hi there! Life has been a little hectic for me as of recent. My daughter was sick with the stomach flue for 8 days straight and then in the mist of all of that, she hurt her leg at the park. We thought it was just a sprain but found out yesterday that she actually fractured her leg. Having a normally very active little 11 month old go from moving all over the place to barely able to stand has been a little challenging. 
With all of that going on, I have been opting for what I call "lazy outfits". Lazy outfits are ones to me, that take little effort besides grabbing the first thing you see in your closet and throwing it on. Oh, and they have to be comfortable or whats the point? This color block shirt I found at Forever 21 on clearance for $3 is a perfect piece for such an outfit. I love that it is loose, comfortable and the colors are easy to pair with neutrals. Jacket is H&M from a few years back, leggings are Target clearance, and shoes believe it or not are from Walmart. I found them on clearance for $4 when I had to run in to get something else one day and they have been surprisingly a super comfortable neutral flat. 

Outfit details:
Top: Forever 21-$3
Leggings: Target-$6
Shoes: Walmart-$4
Jacket: H&M: $29.99

Total Cost: $42.99

Hope you all have a great Thursday!


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