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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mad for Plaid

I had a light bulb going off moment the other day. You see, this shirt dress I got at a thrift store last month, barely covered by butt when I put it on but I didn't really want to wear it as a top because, quite frankly I didn't feel like putting on jeans. I had errands to run and wanted to be comfy. So in a moment of pure genius (or so I thought at the time) I added another dress under it for additional length. After a quick look through pinterest I discovered my "genius" moment maybe wasn't so genius after all. Lots of people have been doing this already. But hey its never to late to jump on board, right? Anyhow, it added the length I needed to be able to wear this shirt dress with leggings for an easy and comfortable look. 
Of all types of plaid, I love gingham best. This shirt dress/top or whatever you want to call it, will be getting some major use out of it this season for sure! 

Outfit details: 
Gingham shirt dress: $3.99 (free out of pocket for me because I had a gift card) 
Red dress: Thrift-$2.99
Leggings: Target-$9.99
Cons: Converse Outlet-$40.00

Outfit total: $52.98

Do you have a favorite type of plaid you like to wear? 


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