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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Finds

This past week I dropped into Value Village on my way home from running errands and I made out with a few good finds. This is not always the case when I go there. I have mixed feelings when it comes to Value Village. On the overall, I think they tend to be over priced for a thrift store. Especially in the tops section. I often see something I like but it will be anywhere from $5 to $7. I know that if I went to Goodwill or even certain local thrift stores, that the price for a similar item would be $2 to $4. 
One nice thing about Value Village is that they offer a free membership card that allows you to shop their sales at least two to three days in advance from shoppers that do not have it. I have also gotten complimentary 20% off entire purchases coupons by having the card. 
This time I did not use the card but they were having half off all red tags and I was able to score two items I liked. The hat was brand new with the tags on it and I have been wanting to get some lace up ankle boots for a while now. So I am happy with what I came out with this time. 

  Ankle Boots: $6.99

Hat: $6

Have you scored any great thrift deals recently? I would love to hear about them!

Hope you all have a happy Friday.


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