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Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Finds plus how to save even more at Goodwill

This past week has been a hectic one for me but before my little one got sick I was able to stop by the Goodwill close to my house. Believe it or not there are definitely better days to shop at Goodwill. Being strategic with how and when you shop at thrift stores is key in scoring the best deals.

First thing I do when planning my thrift shopping trips to the Goodwill is check their sales calendar. It can be found  here. They spell out for you every week what color of tag will be 50% off and any other additional sales they might be having.  That is how I found out about the winter sale they were having on the 17th of this month. All blue tagged items in the entire store were only $1.29, pink and green tags were 40% off. 

All the items pictured below were only $1.29 each! And some were even brand new with tags on them. I would suggest going in the morning if possible on these type of sale days though because all the seasoned thrifters come out and things can go fast. 

Merona Top

Gap Top

Genuine Kids Dress

Merona Top-this had new tags on it

Rugged brand top

Mossimo Top-New with tags

Mossimo Jeans-New with tags

Banana Republic sweater

Loft jeans

So check out the sales calendar for Goodwill and save even more then you next go!

Have a great Friday all! 


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