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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cozy warms

I have mentioned this before but in July my hubby and I moved to the Seattle area. And if you are not aware of this, in Seattle it rains. All. The. Time. I usually do not mind the rain but it is Christmas time. And it doesn't feel like Christmas at all to me! I never thought I would say this but maybe I do miss the snow. Just a tiny bit. we are going back to visit our families next week and they have been getting snow so maybe it will change how I am feeling. Crossing my fingers! 

It has been getting a little colder then usual here in Seattle so I was able to pull out some of my cozy clothes. I am obsessed with this vest everyone! It is from Target this year and believe me when I tell you that you will not need a jacket at all when wearing it. So warm! It is $29.99 at Target and I know that I try to not buy clothes full price but I had a gift card and decided to splurge a little. It was worth it! Also my sweater is from Target as well and was $19.99 originally but I did get it for 40% off. 

Outfit details:
Vest: Target-$29.99
Sweater: Target-$12.00 (after 40% off)
Pants: Forever21- Given to me
Boots: Given to me by a friend. Not sure where she picked these up but over the knee boots are very in right now so most any store has them. 

Total cost: $41.99 (I had a gift card for the vest and sweater so my out of pocket total was $0)

Hope you all are ready for Christmas and enjoying this season!


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