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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Simple fall look

My daughter is teething right now. So that means, she is having break downs every few minutes and has to be held constantly. The plus side to the teething is that I get to have way more cuddles with her which hardly ever happens when she is not teething or sick. The downside is that showering and getting ready for the day is almost impossible. Those are the days when I try to wear the easiest and simplest outfit I can find. Preferably one that I can throw a hat on with so my unwashed messy hair can be hidden. That is what I did today when I could not get out of running a few errands. 

Outfit details:

Sweater: thrift-$2.99
Pants: thrift-$3.99
Lace top: Ross-$6
Boots Steve Madden-Gift

Outfit total: $12.98

Happy hump day!


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