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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend trip

This past weekend was a little crazy for me! I ended up making a very quick trip across the state to my home town because my sister in-law was going to be induced due to some pregnancy complications. It was not planned but turned out to be a really fun, jam packed few days. If you have ever had someone close to you have a baby, sometimes it feel like you just hurry up and wait for a long time. Since I had my baby girl with me, I decided to do the waiting part outside of the hospital while things were moving slowly for my sister in-law. We spent the morning with my sister, mom, nieces and nephew up at a place we call Greenbluff. Basically it is a bunch of farms that sell apples, pumpkins and super delicious goodies. Liberty LOVED it and now I am stocked up to the brim with apples, pumpkins and tomatoes! And to top off the entire weekend, my newest nephew came healthy and his momma is doing great. He is so adorable! Now to overload you with pictures...#sorrynotsorry

The headbands that my daughter and I came wearing are from the dollar store. I got two of them and with a little diy made one of them fit my girl. Easy, cheap and cute!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend doing something fun! Happy Tuesday!


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