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Monday, January 12, 2015

Cozy winter warms

Even though we have had a mild winter this year, it has occasionally reared its ugly head and dumped a pile of snow on us. This past weekend that's what happened and even though I should be thankful it was not a ton of snow, I am starting to long for warmer temps. I am not a winter girl at all! I would happily have just three seasons if I could. Spring, Summer and Fall. 
I wore this mostly thrifted outfit when I was out shooting with my hubby over the weekend and the chunky scarf scarf kept me very warm despite the temps. Everything I am wearing is thrifted except the scarf and the boots. The rainboots are Kamik brand and are perfect sloppy weather days. They were a gift from my mother but you can find similar ones here. This scarf is one of my all time favs! It is very similar to the Zara scarf that I am pretty sure every fashion blogger out there owns but this one is a heck of a lot cheaper. Just the way I like it! I only paid around $15 for mine and it was well worth the price. 

Outfit details:
Jeans: Thrift
Sweater: Thrift
Chambray: Thrift
Boots: Kamik
Scarf: Purchased it here-down side was that it took about 3 weeks to get in

Anyone know of good tips to help this tired momma not look like she is half dead to the world everyday? I swear as soon as I hit the third trimester, I could sleep all day every day and I can't get rid of the bags under my eyes! 

Help a girl out;)



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