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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday's Thrifting tip

Today you get a double whammy, a thrift store shopping tip and an outfit post! YAY! Anywho....I wanted to share with you today something that really helped me when I started to thrift store shop on a consistent basis. I always wanted to know where more thrift stores where but didn't want to have to drive around all day to find them. That's when I had a "no duh-light bulb went off over my head" moment. And what was my brilliant thought? Use yelp. Yep, it was really that simple but let me tell you it has helped me tons! I have found so many second hand and consignment stores I had never heard of until I started using that app. While I pretty much know the stores I like in my city now, I use it when I am traveling so I don't miss out on finding good thrift stores in other cities. Yelp for those of you who don't know, is an online review and local business locator. You can put in any location and search any type of business. It will show you where they are and any reviews left by consumers. Pretty cool right?! So if you are a newbie thrifter or a thrifter that doesn't get to go often, I think yelp might be a good tool to utilize when looking for new places to try out!

So, do you remember the crazy pattern skirt I thirfted recently? Well, I thought I would make it even more crazy by adding another print with it! What can I say?! I love to mix patterns and try new stuff. I had fun with it!

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Thrift $2.00
Top: Gift
Shoes: Thrift

P.S...Make sure to check back tomorrow, I am starting something new on the blog and I am pretty excited about it!!

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!


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  1. Great mix of patterns! & Yelp, and online yellow pages really do help you find new places plus a general review of what other's think about the place.


    1. Thank you! Yep, Yelp is my go to online review source. Always use it.


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