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Friday, May 23, 2014

Feature Friday

Hello there lovelies! I am super excited to start something new on the blog today! Let me tell you about it. One of the main things I get told when people find out I have a fashion blog dedicated mostly to thrift store clothes and finding fashion on a budget is "Oh your small so of course you can find stuff. I can never find things that work for me in my size." I hear that all the time and really I find it sad because I think women and men no matter their size should feel beautiful/handsome in what they are wearing. And I think it can be done on a budget regardless of their size! I want to show people that anyone, tall, short, petite, bigger framed, male or female can shop second hand and still look fabulous. So once a month I am going to be featuring someone of every shape and size on the blog. And the best part?! Their entire outfit will be purchased at either a second hand or thrift store! I will give you a price break down on what each item they are wearing costs, so you can see how much a person can save just by switching up where they shop, even just once in a while. Most of all I hope this helps break down some of the myths of thrift store shopping. 
First up to be featured is my beautiful sister Liz. Her outfit was purchased from Goodwill and another little second hand store that I am obsessed with called Beau Monde Exchange. Now my sister does not wear a size small due to how tall she is but we still managed to find her an adorable outfit for cheap!

Her entire outfit was under $20.00!!! Adorable right?!! Her shirt, I am in love with. The sailboats are too cute! The flats where brand new with the tags on them still for only $2.97. You cannot beat that! Also seeing these skinny's on her, makes me want some coral ones too. She is just too cute!

I am super excited to continue with this feature Friday series monthly(although I might need some grace with the every month thing for this. I will try my hardest to get one up every month though!!) I hope you will check back too see who is up next!
It's FRIDAY people! I am so ready for my three day weekend.
Have an awesome day!

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