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Friday, April 25, 2014

Flower power

As I am sure most of you know or are aware of, floral pants have been a big trend over the last few years. Last year I found these pants at the Goodwill for only $4.00 so I decided to try them out. Honestly I think that after I got them I wore them only about one time. I guess I was not positive about them. But just the other day I pulled them out and found that I actually love them! Do you have any clothes that you do that with? Keep the clothes in your closet because in the back of your head you think that you might just wear them sometime. So you don't get rid of them and they end up sitting there for months or if your like me, maybe years. Not going to lie, I do have some clothes that have been in my closet that long. I need to break that cycle with a few things I own! These pants are going to be an exception though. I plan on wearing them a lot this summer so I'm keeping them. I think what I love the most about them, is that they are boyfriend style pants. 
A little loose and extremely comfy! 
Oh and these pics...I'm sorry. I took these really late at night after a full day of running around doing errands and all sorts of stuff. I was beat and you can tell haha. 

Outfit Details:
Pants: Thrift-Goodwill $4.00
Top: Given to me from my sista
Jean Jacket: Thrift-Goodwill 
Shoes: Steve Madden-Purchased almost three years ago

Enjoy your Friday! 

Thanks for reading!


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