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Monday, April 21, 2014

Brag about Monday

This weekend went past in a blur of activity, from eye doctor appointments, worship practice for church and Easter Sunday craziness! I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the weekend. Even though it felt like it was over before I blinked, I had the best of times! So today you get a little glimpse into the fun I had with mine and my husbands family. And tomorrow I will do an outfit post featuring what I wore for Easter Sunday.

Nieces, brothers, sisters, egg hunting and my dad opening a belated birthday gift from my niece.

My big bro helping my littlest bro hunt eggs

My sister's boyfriend looking very intense(Haha) while the kiddos hunt eggs in the back.

The mom's taking pictures of their kids hunting eggs

Dad, sister and brother in law out starting to hide eggs

My husband, brother in law, father in law, and some their friends playing baseball with a toddlers plastic bat and ball. Crazy boys!

Some of the siblings, nieces and nephews right before the egg hunt began. They were just a little bit excited!

My littlest brother found a HUGE egg! Had to get a picture with him because he was so, so excited! And yes there is a story behind the cons with that outfit. That's coming tomorrow!

Easter Dinner! And that is not even close to half of my family!

The after math of dinner....

And finally the kiddos getting their Easter baskets.

Don't you just love spending time with family? I do! 

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter and a great Monday!



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