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Monday, April 7, 2014

Brag about Monday

As far as Monday's go today has been pretty good so far. I got to spend a little extra time with my amazing husband this morning, I found out my best friend had her baby and to top it all off I got a "just because I want to see how you are" phone call from my dad! It made my day to say the least! 
So today that is who I am bragging on. I love my dad more then I can possibly express in words on this blog. And to be honest it would not do him justice. My dad is the hardest worker I have ever met. I know people say that all the time but I think my dad holds the title. He does whatever it takes to make sure everyone is taken care of in my family. For as long as I can remember he was up at the crack of dawn getting ready to head out for work, then when he got home he would take care of tons of work all over the property. I say property because my parents live on 40 acres. The one word that best describes my dad is generous. He has 22 kids and never once did we go without. Even as adults if we needed help, whether that was with moving, money, or car problems ect. he would be the first one to offer his help. I can't tell you either how many people he helps in the same ways that are not his kids. He would never in a million years seek recognition for what he has done but I know that many people have been extremely blessed by him! 
Personally while growing up, I did not feel like I was super close to my dad. Sometimes it is hard to have a close relationship with your parents when you have as many siblings as I do. I never felt unloved though by any means. But over the last two years my relationship with him has changed and grown so much. Two years ago today I lost a baby due to miscarriage. On that horrible day, my dad came over and held me. He let me cry and mourn the loss of my little one, offering comfort only a dad knows how to do. That was the moment when our relationship changed. We started to become closer then we have ever been. Then again nine months ago, I lost another little one. He was there for me in the same way. I am so incredibly thankful because he knew just what I needed in that time. I love him more then words can express! He is the best role model a girl could ask for! 

This is one of my favorite pictures with my dad! He was praying with me right before he gave me away to my hubby at my wedding. 

Hope you all have a great Monday!!


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