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Saturday, March 8, 2014

DIY Shoes

Today I have a little DIY for you. Which you won't see often because I am not really that crafty or really I just don't have the patience needed to complete most DIY projects! But I did recently have an idea I wanted to try out. I have been drooling over these Kate Spade Keds for a while now but at $75.00 a pop there was no way I was going to be getting some! So one night I was running into Walmart to grab a few things and I spotted some knock off white Keds and the idea was born! This is what I did: 

What you will need:
Knock off Keds
Fabric paint pens 

So these knock off Keds were only $2.98 at Walmart!! I would suggest you go with a cheaper version at first like these just in case you hate it or mess up. The gold paint pens were only $1.00 each and were found in the craft section. They had many other colors as well. You will need one for each shoe. 

I just jumped right in with placing gold dots on the shoes. The Kate Spade Keds have a very precise placement of the dots but I knew mine would not be quite as even so, I decided to just put them where ever I felt like it. 

Some of the dots are not even or full circles at this point. But don't worry so much about that because at the end you can go back and clean them up.  

Next step: Get a pink sharpie, or any other color you would like. You will be using this to make a stripe on the sole of the shoe and coloring the tip of the laces. 

I didn't use anything to make sure my stripe was even, but depending on how o.c.d you are, you can use a ruler or tape to make the line crazy even. Color the tip of the laces pink (you will have to go over it a few times) and then start on the stripe. If you mess up on the stripe just grab a little nail polish remover and the sharpie will come right off. 

One stripe complete.

And here is both complete. This is where you will want to go back through with your fabric paint pent and clean up your dots. 

TA DA!! The finished product! I am happy about how they turned out and am excited to wear them!
$4.98 is way more in my price range them $75! I might have to experiment around with other a few more pattern ideas for the shoe. Maybe you will see some more DIY shoes. Who knows!

Hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!!



  1. omg I've thought about doing this same DIY, but black dots. I love your gold version. Super cute. I have to try it! kate spade is my favorite brand.

    1. It was so easy and fun to do! I will be doing it again with other patterns soon.


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