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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursdays Thrifting Tip

When are the best days to shop at a thrift store, is a question I get asked all the time. So today I am going to tell you. First of all, you will not find the best items on the weekend. Thrift stores tend to be very busy on weekends, just like most department stores. Everything is picked over usually, unless you go right when they open. But if you are like me in anyway, I don't want to be up at the crack of dawn on my day off. Needless to say, a 8:00 am thrift shopping spree is not in my future! So if you want to get the best deals, go on the week days. Typically I have found that Tuesday evenings are when many thrift stores restock with new items. I would say that Tuesday or Wednesday tend to be the times where I find the best deals. As always every store is different depending on the location, so when in doubt just ask the store associates! They should be able to give some of the best insight on when to shop. 

Also I have to show you some of my awesome thrift finds I got recently. You may have already seen the outfit post I did with the tulle skirt but I found two other pieces that will be perfect for spring. I found a bright and mold maxi for just $5. The pencil skirt was $5 as well and the tulle skirt was $7. 

Hope you are having a great Thursday! 



  1. Ahh where did you get the tulle skirt? I love it! Been wanting one like that.

    1. I got it at a little thrift/second hand store in CDA ID called the Beau Monde Exchange. It is one of my favorite places to shop!


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