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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday's thrifting tip

Hello there! Hope your Thursday is going fabulous so far. Today I am leaving you with one of the best tips I ever received when it comes to thrift store shopping. When you walk into a thrift store it can be overwhelming because let's get real, there can be a whole lot of ugly hanging on the racks. That's just the truth! Often times you have to hunt a little bit for the best finds. So when you are going through the racks and you find something great, imagine it out of the store. Yes, that sparkly shirt for a buck might look really good inside the store but what will it look like in say a couple days hanging in your own closet? Is it just as appealing and will you be wearing it enough to justify the purchase? I freely admit I have gotten caught up in cheap price syndrome and purchased items that I never wore. So think about how the clothes would look on you, how and if you would ever wear it once it's purchased.

Here is what I am wearing today: Keeping it simple with a color block dress, blazer, tights, and booties.

Outfit details:
Dress: My sisters closet
Blazer: Thrift-Target-$5.00
Boots: Target-Gift from my mama

I need to mention that I get to go thrift store shopping with my friend tonight and I am just a little excited! Much needed girl time, here I come! Any thrift finds will be posted soon after I promise. 

Thanks for reading!


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