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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring brights

Thank God it is Wednesday! It has been a week so far, let me tell you! I have been dying for spring weather, so when the sun decided to peek it's head through the clouds for a brief moment of time last evening, I had to bare the legs and throw on some bright clothes, even if for just a tinny amount of time! I had another agenda with this outfit as well though besides the fact that I was going through spring color withdrawals. I wanted to bring to you an outfit that was completely thrifted. Everything I am wearing in this spring outfit was purchased at a thrift store. The Kate Spade wallet was not though. That was a gift from the hubby and technically I am not "wearing" it so it should not count, right? We will go with that anyways! 

Outfit details:
Dress: Thrift-$3.00
Scarf: Thrift-$1.50
Shoes: Thrift-$2.99
Bracelets: Thrift-$1.00

What kind of Spring brights are you sporting right now? 

Thanks for reading!



  1. Yes, you are definitely ready for spring and summer - great look! Stopped by from ColorBlind.

  2. You look great in that dress! I can see you love yellow, based from your blog's theme colors. It's one of my favorites too.

    I love thrifting too but I can't believe you can score $3 shoes or dress!

    P.S. Have you added your blog to the "I’m a Miss/Mrs Looking Good Blog Directory"? Pls. visit my blog and add your URL, it's in one of my menus. Thanks!

    1. Yes! Yellow is one of my favorites. I love scouring thrift stores for awesome deals so I often times find very inexpensive stuff. And I will check it out! Thanks for the heads up:)


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