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Friday, March 28, 2014

Patriotic feel

TGIF! I am feeling very patriotic in this outfit, although that was not my intention when I put it on. It was actually one of those "oh crap I don't know what to wear and I am late" moments when I threw this together. And sometimes on days like that you end up liking your outfit way more then when you plan it out. At least there times that it happens that way for me! Everything, except the pants and the necklace were purchased at a thrift store in this get-up. Do you ever have an item of clothes or shoes that you love but just don't wear as much as you should? These Mary Jane pumps are that item for me! I need to wear them a lot more then I do now because I truly do love them.

Outfit details:
Mary Jane Pumps: Thrift(Goodwill)-$2.00
Chambray Shirt: Thrift(Value Village)-$1.50
Sweater: Thrift(Beau Monde Exchange)
Pants: H&M(purchased last year)

Have a fabulous Friday!!


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