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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yes I got it at a thrift store

I scored a few awesome deals while thrift store shopping this week! Almost all of my finds were brand new with the tags still attached, so I am pretty excited to say the least! Normally I do not find so many shoes but for some reason this week that was the majority of what I found.

These four pairs were purchased at Goodwill and the three on the right are all brand new!

These pink heals are one of my favorite finds and I love the bow detail!
Price: $2.99

These flats are from Target and still have the tags on them. They are not my size so I picked them up for my sister because $2.97 is just too good of a price to pass up for a new shoe.  

These shoes are from Target as well and were again only $2.97. I spotted them and had to get them for my sister in law because they were not my size. The gold stud detail is what makes them. So cute!

These heels I got at a little 2nd hand store called Beau Monde Exchange for just $6.00! Heels are a must have in my wardrobe and I am glad I found these for a great price.

These flats I bought from a friend because they were not working out for her. The brand is Nine West.

The sweater is from Beau Monde Exchange as well and it was only $7.00. I have been a little obsessed with stripes lately so I couldn't pass up this Old Navy sweater.  

I got this top and belt at Goodwill the same time as I got the shoes. Both from Target and both new. $.97 for the belt and only $1.97 for the top!
Flats only $2.97 and purchased at Goodwill.
So grand total (drum roll please): $ 27.84 for all 9 items! Not to shabby!
Hope your weekend is lovely!


  1. Those blue shoes!!! So cute!

  2. I love the red shoes and blue too! I love your blog. I am a thriftstore kind of girl too. Love all the stripes too-so my style.

    1. Thank you! Stripes are a staple in my wardrobe :)

    2. Me too and dots!


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