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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentines Day outfits

People tend to either love or hate Valentines day. If you hate it at least chocolate is always on sale around this time of year and lets be real, some days chocolate makes everything better! Whether your a lover or hater of V-Day I thought I would put together a few posts this week with ways to wear red and pink. So first up: PINK PANTS. I love colored pants and these are one of my favs. I paired them with a black and white top for a simple look that can be either day or night. I have an obsession with wedge booties right now so if you see them in almost all my posts that's why! If you aren't a heal/wedge person just throw on a pair of flats instead. 

Pants: Old Navy (They were a gift from a while ago so they might now have them still)
Top: Thrift store find for just $2.99!!
Boots: Thrift store find. Price: $7.00!
Necklace: Gift-not sure where from(Sorry!!)
Stay tuned for more red or pink inspired outfits!

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