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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday's Thrifting tip

Want to know how to get even better deals at thrift and second hand stores? I thought you might want to know because really who doesn't love getting an insane deal? Many thrift stores large and small will use social media to promote their business. So when they are going to be having a sale or discount on certain items they will post them on sites like Facebook but not advertise them in store. I look up every thrift store I shop at regularly on Facebook and like their pages because I can often get a percentage off my purchase or an item additional to the already great price. Also stores will advertise days in advance when certain tag colors or sections in the store will be on sale. Tag colors are pretty much just the price tag of an item and stores will have some that are say green, blue, or pink ect. When a thrift store has a section sale that could mean one day all women's shirts will be an additional certain percentage off. This goes for any other section of the store such as shoes, men's clothes, or furniture. But most of all I love that thrift stores will post pictures of new product they get into the store on social media sites! I am able to plan my thrift store hauls way better when I have an idea about the best days to go.

Hope this little bit of insight into thrift store shopping helps! Now go out there and get a bargain!



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