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Monday, February 24, 2014

Brag about Monday

Have you ever had one of those days where it just started out with badly and only escalated from there? That was my morning, starting at 4:00 am today. I woke up to a blaring car alarm going off non-stop. I knew if it was waking me and my husband up, then it had to be waking up half the apartment community we live in as well. I checked out my window to see if I could tell what car it was but didn't see any blinking lights or anything giving me a hint on who's dang car was keeping me from sleep. I knew it couldn't be my car because the electrical has not been working and I have never had an alarm to my knowledge. So fast forward 3 hours later to 7:00 am as I am walking out the door to go to work. I am making my way down the stairs and as I draw closer to my car I think dear God please, please, please tell me that it wasn't MY car going off for the past 3 hours!! Oh but it was! Mortified. Embarrassed. Yep, my car caused many people to be without a good night sleep! All I wanted to do was hop in my car and leave before anyone saw me to give me a piece of their mind but of course it just had to snow the night before. My car was covered. So as I got out of the car to clean the windows off, not only did some of the office staff await me but also a very pissed off neighbor. And you can probably guess what happened from there. I got the talking too of my life as I tried to profusely apologize for all the havoc my car alarm caused! Needless to say that set the tone for how the rest of my morning went. Moral of this story: Make sure you know if your car has an alarm!! (and if an alarm starts going off in the middle of the night, go out and check to see if it's yours. It will save you a headache!) 
So after all the crazy that happened this a.m, I wanted to brag about some of my fam to help brighten my day. I married into one of the most loving families ever. Every one of my husbands siblings, his parents and brother in-law are truly flat out amazing people! They welcomed me into the family with open arms and are always there to support me if I need it. I think personally that the definition of the name Mitchell should be changed to laughter. Because whenever you get around these people you are bound to have a good gut roll laugh! There is never, ever a dull moment and I can't tell you how much I love that! So here is too the Mitchell family! I am thankful and blessed to be apart of such an amazing family. Love you all to death!!

Hope you all have had a better start to your Monday then me! And hey, if not hopefully it will only get better!



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