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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thrift finds

I recently found this amazing little thrift store in Coeur D'Alene ID called the Beau Monde Exchange. I. AM. HOOKED. They have brand name clothing in fabulous condition for cheap! And I love cheap :) Here are a few of my finds. I will be showing you how I style these pieces later on the blog.

These booties are in perfect condition and originally from Target.
Targets price: $29.99
I snagged them for: $7.00!!

I couldn't pass up this chevron dress that was half off the thrift store price. What I love most is that it has pockets! I'm just a little obsessed with pockets in a dress.
My price: $4.00 after the half off price.

This last dress is from Target. I am loving the color and the detail at the neck line!
Target price: $15 to $25 (I'm guessing here from what I have seen dresses this brand average)
My price: $4.00
So grand total (drum roll please) $15 for all three!!!
AND that is why I love to thrift!

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