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Saturday, January 25, 2014

A night out

I don't know about you but some weeks can just be way, way to long! This was one of those weeks for me. So when my husband surprised me with a spur of the moment date night, I couldn't be happier! This is what I came up with to wear on our night out.
And I'm so sorry for the quality of these photos. My camera is on the crappy end to say the least! I will hopefully be getting a new one here soon.
So the pants, boots, and blazer are all from thrift stores. The clutch and scarf were both gifts.

I am in love with these jeans by the way! They are J Crew and no I didn't even pay half of what they would have cost at retail price. I paid only $9.99! They were in perfect condition too! One of my best purchases so you will be seeing them a lot.

This blazer was originally from Target and I snagged it from the thrift store Value Village for $1!

Despite the long week, my night out with my hubby made it better. So here's to long weeks, surprise night outs and even better weekends! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend yourself!

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